Repair & RMA Service by TUL

Repair & RMA Service by TUL

  • $210.00

TUL is offering a Board Repair Service for VCU1525 and BTU9P.

TUL, the designer of VCU/BCU Waterblock and BTU9P, is now offering Repair & RMA Service for VCU1525 and BTU9P boards. 

How this works:

  1. Customer will ship their board to TUL (located in Taiwan) at their own expense (they cover their own shipping fee).
  2. TUL will examine the board, and reply with the cost for components and repair.
  3. The customer can decide to move forward with the repair or not.
  4. TUL will either repair the board and ship it back or ship the board without reparation, depending on the customer's decision.

Instructions after purchase:

  • Please write “RMA board, Return for Repair" in the shipping document.
  • If this is not followed, TUL will get charged a 5% import tax of the invoice value and the customer will need to cover this.
  • We suggest for the customer to declare a low value of $100 since the board is out of order.
  • TUL will declare the same value when they ship it back to the customer.

Additional Notes:

  • Price includes examination fee and returns shipping to the customer using DHL Express.
  • Price does not include the cost of reparation and components.