Nervos CKB Eaglesong Miner License 9.12GH/s - by Ruplikmastik666

Nervos CKB Eaglesong Miner License 9.12GH/s - by Ruplikmastik666

  • $60.00

This is the License Key for running Ruplikmastik666's Nervos Eaglesong FPGA Miner and Bitstream at full speed.

1 License Key only works for 1 FPGA Board. has teamed up with Ruplikmastik666 in order for you to have an easier mining experience. 

Compatible only with VU9P FPGA Mining Boards (V/BCU1525, BTU9P, and BTU9P PRO)

This purchase will include future bitstream updates/upgrades.

Calculate Nervos profit here:

Instructions to Get the License [Read Carefully!]

1. Download the Nervos bitstream and miner. (ruplikmastik will give you the file by himself)

2. Read the README.txt

3. Program your FPGA with the bitstream file (*.bit)

4. Edit launch-eagle.bat file.

  • Change with your preferred pool and wallet.
  • Change the FPGA clock, better start with 640mhz or lower depends on your cooling.
  • Make sure the miner name is correct.

5. Run launch-eagle.bat. It should detect your boards and generate the device DNAs into detected_dna.txt. If your boards are not detected try to reprogram your boards.

6. Send the detected_dna.txt to <>

7. We will send you the license file, then you should put the license file in the same folder as the miner file.

Miner Information

  • 10% dev fee
  • Works on Windows only
  • 12 cores
  • Max speed
    • BCU1525: 760mhz (9.12 GH/s)
    • BTU9P PRO: 800++Mhz (>=9.6 GH/s)

1. Start with lower frequency depends on your cooling system. 
2. If you're using CELERON CPU - you might get "
fpga2_recv_response: blablabla" errors - try using this parameter in .bat file: