Modded DC1613A Adapter

  • $129.00

The DC1613A Adapter is used to lower VCC on your FPGA Boards. Learn how to modify your FPGA's voltage using DC1613A in this tutorial.


Be careful when using the DC1613A Adapter with the BCU-1525. You may change settings that inadvertently allow your hardware to be damaged.

"If you use the DC1613A on a BCU, then you should not have the card plugged into a Linux machine at all. The problems with DC1613A on the BCU are related to the Linux Minerator background app 'fighting' with the DC1613A. With no Linux machine present, there is no fight, but even so you would need to be careful to only change the VOUT_COMMAND setting and no other setting and restore it back to the factory original setting prior to going back to a Linux setup." - whitefire990