Imperium V2 [In Stock & Shipping 📦]

  • $1,250.00

Hashrate & Power Consumption

Algorithm Coins Hashrate Power Author Date
Eaglesong Nervos 23.4 GH/s 750W MONAD Ready
Blake2s-Kadena Kadena
66 GH/s 775W stark0224 🐺 Ready
0xToken 0xBTC 30 GH/s 1100W MONAD Ready
vBlake Veriblock
16.2 GH/s 720W MONAD Ready
Blake2s-Kadena Kadena
27 GH/s 1400W whitefire990🔥 TBA
Eaglesong Nervos 27 GH/s 900W stark0224🐺 Ready
Odocrypt Digibyte
3.9 GH/s 610W MONAD TBA
Skein, Keccak Handshake 5.38 GH/s 730W
TRB Tellor 11.52 GH/s 740W HACK

 * Hashrate is before dev fee

Hosting and Financing

MONAD is offering hosting and financing options for their initial launch customers.  The below deals have limited availability and are subject to change for future customers but customers can lock these rates in today.

Hosting:  $20/mo per machine per month.  MONAD's current facility in Taiwan has power costs of $0.09 / kWh which is passed directly to the customer.  

  • We will provide options to hosted customers to
  • ship to a cheaper power center (once we diligence and confirm a location)
  • ship to customerremain in current location.

Hosted units can use any pool as long as the pool protocol is standard stratum or getwork.

Financing:  50% down payment with the remaining half paid back over 5 months at the start of each month (ex. for a V2 customers pay $1250 today and then $250 each month for 5 months).  Financed units are default hosted.  

Payments for hosting and financing are easy to complete, just check out this link.  

For more information, check out this article.

For detailed TOS, please visit Monad Technologies.


  • 👨‍💻 3rd Party Developer Support.  whitefire990🔥 and stark0224🐺 currently both support the Imperium miner, and is open to all future 3rd party developers.  MONAD will also continue to build 1st party bitstreams for the Imperium line.
  • 💰 Shortest ROI Time.  Mining over $18/day with a launch promo price, the Imperium V2 currently has an ROI of only 4.1 months.
  • ❄️ Best-in-class Cooling.  Copper Heat Spreader + Zipper Fin heat-sinks and two high-power Delta Fans allow bitstreams to run at over 750 MHz on the Imperium with only active air cooling.  
  • 🍟 Brand New Xilinx Chips. Imperium Miners only use brand new Xilinx FPGAs and not recycled FPGAs on the grey market.  Long-term reliability is guaranteed.
  • ✅ Easy to Use. No PC setup or water cooling needed.  Just plug and play like any ASIC or Blackminer.  
  • ⚡️ 40% More Power Efficient.  Imperium boast a 20nm Ultrascale FPGA, which is up to 40% more power efficient than the 28nm K325T inside Blackminers.
  • 🔧 1 Year Warranty.  Worry less, MONAD offers a 1-year warranty with all Imperium miners.  Contact MONAD for detailed TOC.


  • 4️⃣ Only 4 Algorithm Currently Available. Imperium V2 is launching with only 2 of the top-grossing bitstreams (CKB and KDA).  Future bitstream releases are in progress.
  • ❓New Manufacturer.  Less community validation compared to Gen-1 providers such as TUL, Bittware, SQRL, and HashAltcoin.