Imperium R1

  • $799.50

Hashrate & Power Consumption

Algorithm Coins (Ticker) Hashrate* Power Date
Handshake (HNS) 4.7 GH/s 770 W READY
TRB Tellor (TRB) 7.9 GH/s 680 W READY
Kadena Kadena (KDA) 56.67 GH/s 770 W READY

 * Hashrate is before the dev fee

TRB and KDA is only available for hosted miners

Hosting and Financing

MONAD is offering hosting and financing options for their initial launch customers.  The below deals have limited availability and are subject to change for future customers but customers can lock these rates in today.

Hosting:  $30/mo per machine per month.  MONAD's current facility in Taiwan has power costs of $0.09 / kWh which is passed directly to the customer. 

We will provide options to hosted customers to

  • ship to a cheaper power center (once we diligence and confirm a location)
  • ship to customer
  • remain in the current location.

Hosted units can use any pool as long as the pool protocol is standard stratum or getwork.  

Financing:  50% down payment with the remaining half paid back over 5 months at the start of each month. Financed units are default hosted.  

For more information and details, check out this article.

Payments for hosting and financing are easy to complete, check out this link.

For detailed TOS, please visit Monad Technologies.


  • ⚖️ Top Cost-Performance.  The Imperium R2 has the best price-to-performance ratio for all available hardware.  This determines a miner's ROI.
  • 👨‍💻 3rd Party Developer Support.  whitefire990🔥 and stark0224🐺 both support the Imperium and is open to all future 3rd party developers.  MONAD will also continue to build 1st party bitstreams for the Imperium line.
  • ⏩ Fast Bitstream Re-Config. It only takes 10 seconds to reprogram all 18x FPGAs, making it significantly easier for users to switch bitstreams.
  • 💰 Shortest ROI Time.  Mining at over $20/day with a launch promo price, the Imperium R2 currently has an ROI of only 4.1 months
  • 🔧 1 Year Warranty.  MONAD offers and honors it's 1-year warranty with all Imperium miners, just ask existing Imperium customers.  Contact MONAD for detailed TOC.


  • 4️⃣ Only 4 Algorithm Currently Available. Imperium R2 is launching with 2 of the top-grossing bitstreams (HNS and CKB).  Future bitstream releases are in progress.
  • ♻️ 2nd-hand + refurbished FPGAs.  Similar to companies like SQRL and HashAltcoin, MONAD has struggled to work with Xilinx and are using FPGAs sourced from our Taiwanese Distributor.  These chips are a mix of 2nd hand surplus, recycled datacenter FPGAs, and tested extensively.  All chips in MONAD machines are covered by the 1-year warranty.