Imperium F2 [New & Available 🎉]

  • $1,250.00

F2 uses the same 325T chip as the blackminer, but has HIGHER performance at LESS cost.

- Hardware Price $1250 USD - $100 USD lower than blackminer f1+

- HNS @ 6.1 GH - +48% higher than blackminer f1+

- TRB @ 9 GH - +28% higher than blackminer f1+

- WIP - ODO 6.2 GH - +23% higher than blackminer f1+

- WIP - stark KDA - will update soon

- Power Consumption, higher than F1+ due to higher hashrate.

Chips: 18 chips, same K7-325T as blackminer

* Miners can go online immediately once we receive your order and configuration.

* Only 100 units available. First come, fist served


Referral Program

For each new customer you refer, or additional machine you buy, MONAD will top up your hosting fee balance by $120 USD. For those who refer 5+ customers, they will be recognized as brand ambassadors who are eligible for bonuses and discounts. You CAN refer yourself, aka new miner purchases will count towards this.