Blackminer F1 Mini+ by Hashaltcoin

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Blackminer F1mini+ is the upgraded version of single-chip FPGA miner, which is the best choice for home mining. Compared with F1mini, it inherits the advantages such as low power consumption and low noise. At present F1 mini+ can support 3 algorithms, the table below shows the details:

*Disclaimer: This is the Blackminer F1 Mini+. The radiator is installed and the product photo is for reference only.

Currently, the F1 mini+ can support 3 algorithms, the table below shows the details:


 Algorithm Hashrate of F1 Mini Hashrate of F1 Mini+
1.2 GH/s 2.4 GH/s
Veriblock 1.0 GH/s 1.36 GH/s
Verus 22.8 MH/s 37 MH/s
Odocrypt 260 MH/s

520 MH/s


Weight: 271g (net weight) 490g (with package)

Size: 17cmx16cmx11cm (with package)

Power:110~120 w

Noise: under 50db

You only need to prepare power supply, PCI-E 12V is recommended. 


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The product might show a slight sign of use in the outer appearance due to the testing process, but it does not affect the board performance.