Blackminer F1 by Hashaltcoin (Free Shipping)

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This is the Blackminer F1 FPGA Mining Board by Hashaltcoin.


Blackminer F1Ā contains 2 hashing boards. There are six K7 chips on each board, which are running at 1.0V core voltage. Each device has a dedicated core power supply with a maximum load up to 50A. Bitstream is configured via a serial interface which is driven by a controller board, or JTAG (onboard header) interface. Six FPGAĀ chips are chained together by a customized interface.

Board temperature can be monitored instantly by host board with the onboard sensor. Fan cooling is supported. Power indicator LED, FPGA configured LED, and Mining status LEDs are on board.Ā 

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Algorithm Coins Hashrate Power
Lyra2z GTM,ZCR,IFX 53 MH/s 590 W
Skein DGB 5.04 GH/s 423 W
Lyra2rev3 VTC 240 MH/s 364 W
phi1612 FLM,FNO 314 MH/s 558 W
tribus DNR,SCRIV 2.97 GH/s 607 W
nexus NXS 2.45 GH/s 550 W
xdag XDAG 14.7 GH/s 608 W
bcx BCX 16.56 GH/s 474 W
keccak/keccakc SMART,MAX 21.12 GH/s 605 W
0xToken 0xBTC 21.6 GH/s 610 W
Sha3 ZP 22 GH/s 610 W
Verus2 VRSC 272 MH/s 237 W
dmd-gr MBC 1.58 GH/s 460 W
Amoveo VEO 46 GH/s 600 W
Bitcoin Diamond BCD 178 MH/s 400 W
Algo3/Vblake VBK 11.65 GH/s 520 W
Algo4 - 770 MH/s 600 W
Algo5/lyra2zz LAX 55 MH/s 550 W
Algo6 - 73 MH/s 550 W
Algo7 - 21.3 GH/s 642 W
Algo8 - 152 MH/s 357 W
Algo10 - 377 MH/s 454 W
odocrypt DGB 3.36 GH/s 620 W
blockstamp BST 18 GH/s 600 W
bmw512 XDN 8.78 GH/s 328 W
c11 CHC 125 MH/s 404 W

Power on wall: 0.6 KW

Miner Shipment

  1. The miner will be delivered within 7 days after payment confirmed.Ā 

Warranty & After-sales Service

The after-sales service policy of Blackminer F1+ is as follows. Once purchased, it is deemed to be an approval of this policy.

1. No refund or return after payment, regardless of whether it is shipped or hosted.

2. A 200-day warranty is provided starting from the shipping date.

The following events will void the warranty:

1. The customer removes/replaces any components by himself without receiving permission from Blackminer team first;

2. Damage caused by poor power supply, lightning or voltage surges;

3. Burnt parts on hash boards or chips;

4. Miner/boards/components damage due to water immersion or corrosion due to a wet environment.

5. Overvoltage.

If these happen, a charged repair service will be provided.


  • If you are in China, please contact us for shipping pricing.


The producer of this product is HashAltCoin. Please contact HashAltCoin support <> if technical issues or conditions do arise.

The product might show a slight sign of use in the outer appearance due to the testing process, but it does not affect the board performance.