Backplate by TUL for VU9P FPGA Mining Board/Card

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This is the TUL Backplate for VU9P FPGA Mining Board/Card.

This custom Backplate was designed by TUL, the manufacturers of the VCU FPGA mining boards and BCU/VCU Water Block, specifically for effective heat dissipation which is critical in mining. It lets you run faster bitstreams, and extend the lifetime of your board.

  • Cools the critical LTC3884 power regulator
  • Compatible with VCU-1525, BCU-1525, BTU9P and ECU200.
  • Vetted and tested by
  • Material: Copper and Aluminium
  • Dimension: 220 x 100 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 402 gram

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