Imperium F2

  • $405.00

New Hosting Deals 🎉

  • Pay 30% down payment and get your machine online within 24 hours.

  • Power rate at 1.98/day

  • No more operational fee!

  • Mine TRB with Tellorpool now!

  • Contact to get special offer 

F2 uses the same 325T chip as the blackminer, but has HIGHER performance at LESS cost.

For $405 USD, you immediately get a machine up to 40% more powerful than the Blackminer F1+ with a matching hosting fee.

Hashrate & Power Consumption

Algorithm Coins Hashrate* Power
Tellor (TRB)
780 W
KDA Kadena (KDA) 71 GH/s 1050 W
0xBTC 0xBTC  29 GH/s  1123 W
Odocrypt DigiByte (DGB) on progress on progress
BSHA3 BSHA3 on progress
on progress

* Hashrate before dev fee.

TRB and KDA is only available for hosted miners

Dev fee might be applied based on developer request. The amount will depends on the developer of the bitstreams and all goes to support the developers. 


- TRB : +28% higher than blackminer f1+

- HNS +48% higher than blackminer f1+

- Power Consumption, higher than F1+ due to higher hashrate.

Chips: 18 chips, same K7-325T as blackminer


* Miners can go online immediately once we receive your order and configuration.

* Only 100 units available. First come, fist served


Hosting and Financing

Units in this new F2 batch are eligible for a hosting-fee-match program with Blackminer. 

- no operational fee
- Power will be $1.98/day.

On top of that, F2’s will also be eligible for Financing, so only 30% down payment to get online immediately. The remaining half paid back over 5 months at the start of each month. (The installment amount includes a $10 monthly interest.)

Payments for hosting and installment is easy to complete, check out this link.

Referral Program

💰Get $100 added to your hosting account for each new customer you refer (unlimited referral bonus - refer more, get more bonus) 

💰You cannot refer yourself, but for those who refer 5+ customers, they will be recognised as brand ambassadors who are eligible for bonuses and discounts.  Please contact our team through to get the special offer