Kadena Blake2s Miner License 7.2 GH/s for CVP-13 6% dev fee by Ruplikmastik666

Kadena Blake2s Miner License 7.2 GH/s for CVP-13 6% dev fee by Ruplikmastik666

  • $20.00

This is the License Key for running Ruplikmastik666's Kadena Blake2s Miner and Bitstream at full speed for CVP-13.

1 License Key only works for 1 FPGA Board.

FPGA.guide has teamed up with Ruplikmastik666 in order for you to have an easier mining experience. 

Compatible only with CVP-13 FPGA Mining Boards.

This purchase will include future bitstream updates/upgrades.

Instructions to Get the License [Read Carefully!]

1. Download the Kadena bitstream and miner. (will be given after purchase)

2. Read the README.txt

3. Program your FPGA with the bitstream file (*.bit)

4. Edit mine.bat file.

  • Change with your preferred pool and wallet.
  • Change the FPGA clock, better start with 500Mhz or lower depends on your cooling.
  • Make sure the miner name is correct.

5. Run the mine.bat file. It should detect your boards and generate the device DNAs into detected_dna.txt. If your boards are not detected try to reprogram your boards.

6. Send the detected_dna.txt to <support@fpga.guide>

7. We will send you the license file, then you should put the license file in the same folder as the miner file.

Miner Information

  • 6% dev fee
  • Works on Windows only
  • 12 cores
  • Max clock up to 600Mhz: 7.2 GH/s 
  • Improvement: more efficient - less than 5% orphaned block rate

    Start with lower frequency (400Mhz or lower) depends on your cooling system.

    This setting might be different for each board, please ramp up the clock frequency slowly while monitoring the power consumption, FPGA temperature, also FPGA current