Secondhand Blackminer F1 Mini

  • $149.00

This is a secondhand Blackminer F1 Mini.

The Blackminer F1 mini is a new single-chip FPGA miner that inherits the characteristics of Blackminer F1 series miner. F1 mini supports the same algorithms as F1/F1+, which has not only high flexibility and very good stability and better performance. It has low power consumption and is completely silent, which is the first choice for FPGA entry miner. 

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*Disclaimer: This is the Blackminer F1 Mini - Fan not included.


Algorithm Coins Hashrate Power
Lyra2z GTM,ZCR,IFX 5.1 MH/s 50 W
Skein DGB 420 MH/s 50 W
Lyra2rev3 VTC 20 MH/s 50 W
phi1612 FLM,FNO 26 MH/s 50 W
tribus DNR,SCRIV 244 MH/s 50 W
nexus NXS 210 MH/s 50 W
xdag XDAG 1.5 GH/s 50 W
bcx BCX 1.44 GH/s 50 W
keccak/keccakc SMART,MAX 2.18 GH/s 50 W
0xToken 0xBTC 1.95 GH/s 50 W
Sha3 ZP 1.96 GH/s 50 W
Verus2 VRSC 22.8 MH/s 50 W
dmd-gr MBC 131.7 MH/s 50 W
Amoveo VEO 4.59 GH/s 50 W
Bitcoin Diamond BCD 15.4 MH/s 50 W
Vblake VBK 1 GH/s 50 W
Algo4 - 66.7 MH/s 50 W
Algo5/lyra2zz LAX 4.89 MH/s 50 W
Algo6 - 7.29 MH/s 50 W
Algo7 - 2.04 GH/s 50 W
Algo8 - 12.67 MH/s 50 W
Algo10 - 31.44 MH/s 50 W
odocrypt DGB 260 MH/s 40 W
blockstamp BST 1.5 GH/s 50 W
bmw512 XDN 700 MH/s 30 W
c11 CHC 10 MH/s 50 W

Power on wall: 0.05 KW


Weight: 136.4g (net weight) 500g (package)

Size: 13 cm * 11 cm * 2.1 cm

Hole size: ~5mm

No radiators and no power supply are included in order to reduce shipping cost.

There are PCI-E and DC interfaces.

ATX power supply, DC 12V 6A or 12V 8A power supply are suitable to use.  

The hole position is reserved according to the CPU heat sink, and some Intel CPU LGA115X series radiators can be used.


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The product might show a slight sign of use in the outer appearance due to the testing process, but it does not affect the board performance.

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