*LIMITED STOCK* Water Block for VCUs / BCUs FPGA Mining Board/Card by TUL

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This is the TUL Water Block - VCU or BCU not included.  

This custom Water Block was designed by TUL, the manufacturers of the VCU and BCU FPGA mining boards, specifically for effective heat dissipation which is critical in mining.  

High temperatures not only cause your board to draw more power, but also shorten the lifespan of your chip and other components.  

This board is easy to install, and highly vetted / tested by the community.  If you would like to learn more, please see this link for details and installation instructions.  

  • Cools main FPGA Chip as well as core components.
  • Designed by the manufacturers of the VCU1525.  
  • Standard G1/4 thread
  • Compatible with most water cooling kits on the market
  • Vetted and tested by top bitstream developers
  • Simple 20 minute setup with guide.  
  • Compatible with:
    • VCU1525 - Active
    • VCU1525 - Passive
    • BCU1525
  • Capable of running 

Additional Notes:

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