Tellor TRB License up to 6 GH/s - 15% dev fee (VU9P Boards) by The Allfather

Tellor TRB License up to 6 GH/s - 15% dev fee (VU9P Boards) by The Allfather

  • $15.00

This is the License Key for running Tellor TRB FPGA Miner and Bitstream for VU9P boards (tested on BCU1525 and BTU9P).

1 License Key only works for 1 FPGA Board.

Compatible with VU9P FPGA Mining Boards (V/BCU1525 and BTU9P)

Miner Information

  • Suggested start: 540 Mhz - 0.67V : 202W
  • 15% dev fee
  • Works on Linux (Ubuntu), Windows (Virtualbox/VMWare)
  • Max speed: 6 GH/s - before dev fee - watch for your cooling and hardware limitation!

Power Table:

 Voltage (V) Freq (MHz) Hashrate (GH/s) before devfee Power @ Wall (on BCU)
0.67 540 4.86 202
0.71 580 5.22 247
0.75 620 5.58 294
0.79 650 5.85 371
0.81 667 6.00 391

note: power consumption is ~15% higher for BTU9P

    Instructions to Get the License [Read Carefully!]

    1. Send the DNA to

    2. We will send you the license, then you should put the license inside config.json file. 

    How to mine

    1. Download the bitstream and miner (will be given once purchased)

    2. Read the README.txt. Information is written there.

    3. Program your FPGA with the bitstream file (*.bit)

    4. Edit config.json file. 

    • Change with your preferred pool and wallet.

    • Change the FPGA clock, better start with 540mhz or lower depends on your cooling.

    5. Run ./TellorFPGA_3_6 mine to start mining.

    Start with lower frequency depends on your cooling system! 

    Refund Policy:

    Once the license has been issued, there will be NO REFUNDS.