NextJTAG License by NextDesignSolutions

NextJTAG License by NextDesignSolutions

  • $10.00

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This is the License Key for running NextJTAG.

1 License Key only works for 1 FPGA Board.

NextJTAG is a standalone command line utility used for accessing Xilinx FPGAs over USB. It supports basic operations, such as checking the temperature and loading bitstreams. Platform and FPGA support are fairly limited, but more are coming soon. To gain access to all features, a license must be purchased. Check the releases to download the latest binaries.

Supported Features

  • Querying Device DNAs of attached FGPAs
  • Loading bitstreams in parallel (not persistent across power cycling)
  • Clearing the currently loaded bitstream
  • Reading the min, max, and current temperature
  • Reading/writing SYSMON registers

Supported Xilinx FPGAs

  • XCVU9P (VCU1525 or BCU1525 or BTU9P)
  • (More coming soon!)

Supported Platforms

  • Linux (x86-64)
  • Windows (x64)

Instructions after Purchase:

1. Download this: 

2. Run ./nextjtag

3. Send your Device DNA(s) with your order number to <> or <>