Kadena KDA Miner License 4.23GH/s - 0% Dev Fee

Kadena KDA Miner License 4.23GH/s - 0% Dev Fee

  • $100.00

This is the License Key for running KDA Kadena Blake2s FPGA Miner and Bitstream at full speed.

1 License Key only works for 1 FPGA Board.

Compatible with VU9P FPGA Mining Boards (V/BCU1525 and BTU9P)

This purchase will include future bitstream updates/upgrades.

Miner Information

  • Suggested start: 400 Mhz - 0.7V : 190W
  • 0% Dev Fee
  • Works on Windows 
  • 9 cores
  • Max speed: 9 x 470MHz = 4.23 GH/s

Setup Table:

Power Error Rate
400 Mhz
195W 0%
450 Mhz
240W 0%
470 Mhz
255W 1%
480 Mhz
290W 4%

Instructions to Get the License [Read Carefully!]

1. Send the DNA to support@fpga.guide

2. Download the bitstream and miner (will be given once purchased)

3. Read the README.txt. Complete information is written there.

4. Program your FPGA with the bitstream file (*.bit)

5. Edit config.json file. 

  • Change with your preferred pool and wallet.
  • Change the FPGA clock, better start with 400mhz or lower depends on your cooling.

6. Run miner_kadena.exe to start mining.

7. We will send you the license file, then you should put the license file in the same folder as the miner file.


  • Start with lower frequency depends on your cooling system.
  • Run your own Kadena node and point your miner to your node. Or use Kadena trusted node.