Extended Passive Heatsink by Ruplikmastik666

  • $75.00

Price does not include the shipping fees. It will be calculated afterward by Ruplikmastik666.

This is an addition to the Air Funnel RT-AM1-BL - Single Sanace B97 Blower by Ruplikmastik666. This is not a backplate, Heatsink is for the front part of the board.

Ruplikmastik666 strongly advises using the Extended Passive Heatsink instead of the stock passive heatsink. The stock passive heatsink has 3 problems:

1) It’s not cooling the inductors. This will lead to high errors and potential board failure.

2) Extended heatsink is 15C cooler compared to stock heatsink

3) Because the stock heatsink is small, the overall PCB temperature is become hotter compared to using extended heatsink