Dimastech® XMV-Cool Waterblock for VU9P FPGA Mining Board/Card

  • $199.99

DimasTech XMV-Cool Waterblock for VU9P FPGA Mining Board/Card

The DimasTech XMV-Cool Waterblock had been developed to fix the Heating Issues of the FPGA Mining Board VCU1525/BCU1525, made by Xilinx.

This high-end full coverage FPGA water block has been designed and manufactured in Germany. With German engineering in mind, this block was designed for maximum heat dissipation which will allow you to draw more power from the card without risk of damaging components on the board and increase its lifespan.

The full coverage water block cold plate which comes in contact with the FPGA chip (VU9P) and the VRM/Inductors area is made of copper, while the waterblock cover is made of stainless steel, therefore absolutely no aluminum material is introduced into the cooling loop.  This assures that no unwanted chemical reactions occur between the copper and aluminum in the loop.

This VCU/BCU block has 2x G1/4 thread that is compatible with most PC water cooling components.

The VCU1525/BCU1525 comes in 2 different version, passive and active, this waterblock is compatible with both versions.

The backplate is included in the kit and it's made of Aluminum assuring a perfect match and contact of all the VCU1525/BCU1525 surfaces.



  • Waterblock 205mm x 75mm x 28mm
  • Backplate 233mm x 98mm x 5mm


  • Waterblock Copper and Stainless Steel
  • Backplate Aluminum

Technical Specifications:

  • CNC Laser Cutting/Milling
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • FPGA Mining Board Compatibility

Tools and Hardware Needed:

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Thermal grease for FPGA Chip, all other surfaces use pre-installed thermal pads

Compatible Xilinx FPGA Boards:

  • Part Number: DK-U1-VCU1525-A-G Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA VCU1525 Acceleration Development Kit
  • Part Number: DK-U1-VCU1525-P-G Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA VCU1525 Acceleration Development Kit (Passive)
  • Squirrel Labs BCU1525 - Blockchain Edition  (TO BE TESTED)
  • Part Number: A-U250-P64G-PQ-G and A-U250-A64G-PQ-G  Xilinx Alveo U250 Data Center Accelerator Card (TO BE TESTED)
  • Part Number: A-U200-P64G-PQ-G and A-U200-A64G-PQ-G  Xilinx Alveo U200 Data Center Accelerator Card (TO BE TESTED)


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Please Note: Installing this waterblock will void the factory warranty.

THIS PRODUCT PAGE is for PRE-ORDER of the Dimastech® XMV-Cool Waterblock for FPGA Minign Board Xilinx VCU1525 and included parts of the KIT, the expected delivery date for the first batch will be 3rd/4th week December, any further delay will be advertised on the product page and on the news section/social channels