CVP-13 by Bittware

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CVP-13-L (Liquid Cooled Version) FPGA mining board by Bittware, a Molex company.

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BittWare’s CVP-13 is an UltraScale+ VU13P FPGA-based PCIe card designed for ultra high power applications. The Xilinx UltraScale+ VU13P FPGA gives designers incredible performance potential, with 3.8M logic elements —yet with a power density that makes power and thermal management difficult. The CVP-13 meets this challenge with BittWare’s Viper platform, supporting monster FPGA loads, up to 256 GBytes DDR4 or 1152 Mbits of QDR-II+, and up to 800Gbps board-to-board bandwidth.

The CVP-13 supports liquid cooling and a 300A FPGA core power supply. While the board is available in an air-cooled version, the liquid cooling option unleashes the full potential of the CVP-13. Two external 8-pin power connectors provide all necessary power.

Check out the How to Mine with CVP13 Guide.

Board Specifications

  • Virtex UltraScale+ VU13P
  • 2Gbit Flash memory for storing FPGA bitstreams
  • 2 DIMM sites
  • PCIe interface x16 Gen1, Gen2, Gen3
  • USB interface: BMC, FPGA UART, FPGA JTAG
  • 4 QSFP28 cages
  • 2 UltraPort SlimSAS
  • Board Management Controller
  • Liquid-cooled
  • External 8-pin power connector


Algorithm Hashrate
X16R (very soon) (very soon)
OxToken 24 GH/s
Nexus 2.6 GH/s
Amoveo 38 GH/s
Tribus 2.4 GH/s
BMW512 11 GH/s
Honeycomb 650 MH/s
Neoscrypt 3.3 MH/s
Zen Protocol 17 GH/s
x13sm3 (BCD) 240 MH/s
vblake 9.2 GH/s
blake2b 18 GH/s
Turtlecoin 350 KH/s
1.1 MH/s
2.5 - 2.8 GH/s
14 GH/s
K12 AEON 56 GH/s


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