BTU9P made by TUL

  • $3,599.00

Limited Stock - BTU9P FPGA mining board by TUL Corporation.

The FPGA mining card, BTU9P, is designed by TUL, who designed the VCU/BCU’s water block. It's compatible with VCU/BCU bitstreams and has waterblock built in, cooling all main components (requires a 💧watercooling system).

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Designed by TUL, the designer of VCU/BCU water block.

    • Compatible with VCU / BCU bitstreams
    • Available algorithms:
  • Algorithm Coins Hashrate Power
    0xtoken 0xBTC 18 GH/s 350 W
    nexushash NXS 1.7 GH/s 350 W
    sha256m VEO 25 GH/s 350 W
    RB2/skunk HDAC 600 MH/s 300 W
    RB4/vblake VBK 9 GH/s 300 W
    RB3/x13 BCD 150 MH/s 150 W
    honeycomb BNODE 640 MH/s 200 W
    odocrypt DGB 2.55 GH/s 350 W

Differences between BTU9P and VCU1525:

  • Water Block Installed 
  • Inductor Improvement 
    • VCU1525 Inductor is SRP1238A-R22M (limit is 215A)
    • BTU9P Inductor is SPD1250-R22M-ES (limit is 285A)
  • No RAM

    Additional Notes:

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    • 3 Month Warranty
    • Ships from Taiwan